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Building Inspector/Combination- Electrical

  •  Performs comprehensive electrical inspections for Public Works traffic signals, street lighting, Wi-Fi projects, cell sites, commercial, and industrial buildings, ensuring the code compliance, safety and functionality of electrical systems.
  •  Conduct thorough inspections of electrical installations, including wiring, circuits, panels, grounding systems, and equipment, to identify potential hazards or
  • Collaborate with engineers, inspectors, contractors and government agencies, to address compliance issues and ensure the quality of construction projects.
  • Prepare detailed reports documenting inspection findings and provided recommendations for necessary repairs or improvements.
  •  Plan checks for code compliance and constructabilty


  • Successfully lead major construction projects worth over 500 million dollars in the highly competitive Bay Area, ensuring their successful completion within budget and schedule.
  • Mentor Project Managers, Electricians – provided advice on proper safety procedures and methods for maximizing, productivity, efficiency, and quality.
  • Implement comprehensive traffic control plans, safety programs, including IIPP (Injury and Illness Prevention Program) and MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets), ensuring a secure work environment and compliance with regulatory standards.
  • Expertly manage multiple responsibilities and roles, including administering IIPP, MSDS, and safety protocols, estimating project costs, overseeing project management, providing field supervision, conducting contract reviews, managing purchasing processes, and ensuring quality control testing.


Integrity is the cornerstone of my 40-years career in the electrical industry. Throughout my journey, I have consistently upheld the highest standards of honesty, accountability, and ethical conduct. From founding and operating two medium-sized electrical contracting companies to leading major construction projects worth over 500 million dollars, integrity has been the guiding principle behind every decision and action. Whether mentoring project managers and electricians, implementing comprehensive safety programs, or collaborating with various stakeholders, I have prioritized transparency and fairness. Upholding the codes and regulations of City Public Works, Cal-Trans, PGE, and other authorities, while ensuring precise blueprint assessment and new construction protocols, reflects my commitment to ethical excellence. My dedication to safety, validated by numerous OSHA certifications, underscores my responsibility to protect not only projects but also the well-being of the teams involved. I bring unwavering integrity to every aspect of my work and am eager to continue this principled approach in any future endeavor.


Collaboration has been a key driver of my success throughout my illustrious career in the electrical industry. As a seasoned professional with extensive experience in leading major construction projects, I understand the importance of fostering strong working relationships with diverse teams and stakeholders. Whether partnering with engineers, inspectors, contractors, or government agencies, I recognize the value of open communication and mutual respect in achieving successful outcomes. Emphasizing a collaborative approach, I have worked closely with project teams to provide guidance and support, promoting a positive work environment that inspires productivity and creativity. By leveraging my skills in team-building and project management, I have skillfully assigned tasks, matching individual strengths with project requirements. This collaborative spirit has also extended to my role as a building inspector, where I engage with various professionals to address compliance issues and ensure the quality of construction projects. Recognizing that true success is often a collective effort, I actively encourage collaboration at every stage, ensuring all voices are heard, and the combined expertise of the team is harnessed for optimal results.